1x33 Red Dot Sight

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Red Dot Sight is well-known to players for its convenience, wide view and ability to conduct aimed fire even in poor light conditions. Such sights are used with almost any type of modern weapons - from a handgun to a machine gun. Such open sights are light and compact, allow the player to aim with two eyes simultaneously.

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There are four reticle options in this 1x33 scope. You can switch between the options using a switching mechanism located at the back of the device. In addition, the color of the aiming mark and the degree of brightness can be changed. There are 5 levels of brightness and 2 available colors red and green.

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The Weaver rail mount is built into the aluminum scope frame. The rail is tightened by two screws, fixing the sight securely.

The 1x33 has a fully multi-coated lens with anti-glow coating. The sight will not reveal a shooter, and the aiming mark will be visible only to the shooter.

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This kit includes keys, protective cap for the lens, battery.


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