1x33 Red Dot Sight

Red-dot laser tag sights for Picatinny rails
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The term "1x33" in a red dot sight's characteristics refers to the size and magnification of the sight. Specifically, "1x" indicates that the sight has a 1x magnification, meaning that it provides a true 1:1 view of the target, without any magnification. The "33" indicates the size of the objective lens, which is the lens at the end of the sight that faces the target. In this case, the objective lens is 33mm in diameter.

1x33 Red-Dot laser tag sight

This is an open-type red dot sight with a single lens. Its main advantage is better visibility for the shooter compared to closed red dot sights, which makes target acquisition and aiming faster. Its main disadvantage is less durability against impact compared to closed sights, which is important for rental equipment.

This sight has a green and red mark with 5 brightness levels that can be adjusted using a wheel on the top of the sight. There is also a battery compartment located there. The mark type can be changed using a mechanism located at the rear of the sight.

1x33 laser tag red-dot sight

The sight has vertical and horizontal adjustments, which are adjusted by turning a special key on the left and upper part of the sight.

1x33 red dot laser tag sight

The sight is attached to a standard Picatinny rail, which is present on almost all of our laser tag gun.

The set includes the red dot sight, installation and adjustment keys, a protective cap, and a battery.


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