Weaver rail

Weaver rail
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This Weaver rail, is a type of mounting system used to attach accessories, such as scopes or red dot sights, to laser tag taggers, airsoft or paintball guns firearm. It consists of a series of crosswise slot. The slots are spaced evenly along the length of the rail and have a width of 0.180 inches. The slots are designed to accept Weaver-style scope rings, which are clamped onto the rail and provide a secure attachment point for the accessory. One of the key features of this Weaver rail is its low profile. The rail sits close to the tagger, which helps to maintain the shooter's cheek weld and sight picture. Additionally, the slots provide a wide range of options for mounting accessories, allowing the shooter to adjust the position and orientation of the accessory to best suit their needs.

The length of this Weaver rail is 4.3 inch


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