AK12-LT Predator Protective bumper

AK12 Predator Protective bumper
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Optical system

This protective bumper is designed for installing on the AK-12TL Predator and is made for sports tournaments where close-quarters battles ask for new equipment safety requirements.

AK12 Predator sport with bumper

The bumper is made of soft rubber and is fixed to the gun barrel with several screws. It eliminates the risk of damage from protruding parts of the barrel.
The weight of the bumper is 3.5 oz (100 grams).

AK12LT Predator bumper

The kit includes a protective bumper and a set of screws with nuts for installing it on a barrel.

Ak12 Predator Bumber from the side
Please note that to install a protective bumper on the AK-12LT Predator game kit, you should cut off a part of the barrel that looks like muzzle brake.

We also can make colored bumpers that will add a nonmilitary look to your guns and can be used for team coloring 

Ak12 Predator Bumber RED


Ak12 Predator Bumber Blue

Ak12 Predator Bumber Green

Ak12 Predator Bumber Orange



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