Lithium Battery (Li+)

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Dear customers! Note that recharging lithium batteries (regardless of their capacity) should be carried out under constant supervision for no more than 3 hours!

Please specify the type of your gun or device after the order. 

You can buy lithium batteries (Li +) of different capacities:

- 800 mAh (only 2 cell batteries) used in pistols or submachine pistols


1-cell: length 4 in., diameter 0,5 in.;

2-cell: length 2 in., diameter 0,5 in.;

- 1400 mAh (used in wireless headbands);

Options: length 2 in., cell diameter 0,7 in;

- 2200 mAh (used in assault rifles);


1-cell: length 5 in., diameter 0,4 in.;

2-cell: length 2,5 in., diameter 0,4 in.;

- 3000 mAh (used in assault rifles, machine guns, sniper rifles).


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