MP9-LT Phoenix Protective bumper

Laser tag M4/M16 magazine
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MP9-LT “Phoenix” submachine gun is one of the most popular laser taggers for renting business. It small and lightweight and can be easily used by young players from 5 years old. However, these players in the heat of struggle can injure themselves or the opponents by protruding parts of the barrel.
We are for a safe game. And where it is impossible to temper the passions of the players, we offer another solution. 

laser tag gun protective bumper

Protective soft rubber bumper mounted on "Phoenix" barrel will negate the possibility of players injury. The bumper is fixed on the barrel with two screws that come with the "Phoenix".
Futuristic design inspired by "Alien" movies style will be suitable for laser tag business operators that don’t want to run military games. That’s why if you need laser tag equipment that looks less military you can order these bumpers as an option.

Phoenix bumper
We also can write futuristic blaster sounds into these guns or/and add the coloring Phoenixes in fluorescent colors. 

Colored Phoenix


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