MP9-LT «Phoenix»

MP9-LT Phoenix Laser Tag Gun for kids
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MP9-LT Phoenix Laser Tag Gun for kids


28 oz (780 g.)
15.5 in (39.5 cm)
1000 ft (300 meters)
Up to 30 hours.
Li+ (2,2 Ah; 7,4V)
Li+ (8,4V; 1000 mA) (additional option)
OPTIONS OLED display, recoil imitation, red-dot sight

When developing this tagger, first off, we took into account the needs of the youngest players, so we end up creating a lightweight and small laser tag tagger that can be used by players from as young as 6 years. In our experience, little children tend to be the most negligent and careless players when using rental equipment, so when developing this model, we set the goal of extreme resistance to unintentional impacts. Therefore, this tagger has practically no moving parts, except the gun trigger.
Since this tagger (like most of our models of the unique series family) was specifically created for laser tag, the electronics are rock-solid fixed in its case, and special acoustic niches for speakers provide a fairly loud sound. 


The MP9 also has an integrated optical system that is considerably resistant to external damage and cannot be easily broken even by children.  
The false barrel that is located under the optical system is thick and strong enough, so it will not break even under the hardest rental conditions.

Phoenix Laser Tag MP9LT

According to our statistics, we have received a razor-thin number of requests for repairs of this laser tag model at our service centers.
In addition, like most taggers from our unique series, MP9 Phoenix can be used in almost any environment, including highly humid and rainy ones.

Unlike some other models with integrated optical systems, we can install both a Prism and our new Parallax optical system into this laser tag tagger. However, we recommend you consult with our managers regarding the suitability of the optical system type, since the Prism, although featuring a smaller firing distance, however, has a wider beam, which allows children to aim and hit their targets much easier than with Parallax.

MP9LT Phoenix lazertag gunThe MP9 has its own rear sight and a front sight; however, as with most of our taggers, the owner can mount any sight including a red-dot/holo on the standard Picatinny rail that is located on the top of the tagger.

Lasertag gun reloading buttonThe basic configuration already includes a tactical grip located under the barrel, on the lower Picatinny rail but you can equip this model with any other additional devices, such as a third-party tactical grip, third-party sights, flashlights, laser designators, and other tactical options. To accommodate for this, the model has not only the top and bottom rails but also Picatinny side rails on its barrel.

The MP9 can be reloaded by pressing a button located on the right side of the Tagger.

Laser Tag Gun OLED display

The model is a really very realistically looking laser tagger and looks like Heckler & Koch MP7/9 submachine guns, however, you can reduce the realism of the laser tag gun by adding our optional color stripes, as well as an external Alien-head-shaped bumper, which could turn this model into a futuristic Sсi-Fi blaster. That is why this model is so popular for playing in schools, summer camps, and even churches.

The tagger is light enough to be used one-handed like a conventional submachine gun. You can even link two Taggers to a headband or a vest and fire akimbo like a hero of an action movie.

The charging socket is located on the left side of the buttstock and is protected by a rubber pad, which allows the model to be used in high-humidity conditions.

MP9LT Phoenix gunstock

Like all our taggers designed for demanding rent conditions, this laser tag gun is equipped with an anti-vandal lock so that only a game instructor can turn it on. If you buy this tagger for personal use, we can install a common switch button on the model as an option.

To ensure that your customers do not lose the tagger or accidentally leave it anywhere during the game, the model has a sling attachment located in the lower part next to the butt. Tagger owners can use any third-party sling to ensure the player is carrying the game equipment safely.

As options for the MP9 laser tagger, we offer an OLED display, feedback as a built-in vibration motor, as well as a red-dot sight.

MP-9LT Phoenix pistol grip

The OLED display is located so that on the one hand, it is recessed directly into the case, so it is not so easy to damage it upon impact, and on the other hand, even during the bright sun, it will not glint blinding or distracting players (or even worse – giving away their position!).
This laser tag gun like most of our models can be used both Indoors and Outdoors, however, for smaller arenas, we recommend retrofitting it with an external safety bumper, which will make gaming safe enough.


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