Optional Rules in a Laser Tag Assault scenario


The Assault process can be greatly complicated if the Defense Team is allowed to hide the Domination point inside the building (the Point should not be covered up with something). However, in this case, much will depend not on the performance of the Assault Team, but from the chance and opportunity (have time to find or not). Therefore, generally, such rule options are used less frequently.

The Assault process can be further complicated if you let the players of the Defense Team leave the assaulting object. In this case, for example, a sniper from the Defense Team can come out of the assaulting building and hide at some distance and behind the storming players and can cause a lot of trouble to the Assault Team.

Some rules variations permit leaving the assault object to the Defense Team players, some do not. Some are allowed to leave ahead of the game, and some are allowed to leave the assaulting object only after the start signal.