Assault scenario

Assault Laser Tag Scenario


This scenario is very particular about location. 

First of all, you should have an object to assault in your location, preferably in the center of it. Best of all would be to have a multi-storey building, but it can also be a one-storey building or some hill or forest block. What is most important that it should have a certain availability of shelters, and players should have the ability to get close to and go into it from several directions. For simplicity, hereafter we are going to call those objects just a ‘building’, referring to all of the above-mentioned types of target objects..

If you have a proper location for this scenario, it will become one of the most favorite among your regular players.

Devices needed

1 or more devices that can work as a domination point

1 respawn device for attacking team  (Simple Medkits or Smart Medkits)

You can use several devices that can act as a Domination Point, these are Digital Flag Device, Smart Control point and regular Domination point, but we recommend Digital Flag because it has more additional scenarios.

The location and number of teams

Domination point  is generally mounted in the center of the guarded building. Domination point is set to count a certain amount of time for one of the teams (of one exact color) to hold, usually 10 minutes.

There are two teams in this laser tag scenario: Assault Team and Defensive Team.

The game instructor increases the number of hit points several times to players of the Defense Team (usually 8 times using a Universal Remote device), and they are prohibited from using the Respawn Device. The Defense Team players man defensive positions in the building.

The players of the Assault Team have a Respawn Device installed at some distance from the assault object and they are allowed to use it without limitations. Players of Assault Team start the game by using their Respawn Device.

Thus, the Defensive Team players have eight times more hit points, but they cannot be restored, while the Assault Team players have basic hit points, but they can restore their hit points with the Respawn Device.

Game process

Just after the start signal, one of the Defensive Team players shoots to the Domination point that was neutral and it lights up with the Defense Team’s color and begins to count the hold time of the Defensive Team up to 10 minutes.

So, the purpose of the Defensive Team is letting-not the Assault Team to get to the Point and capture it for 10 minutes.

The purpose of the Assault Team is to capture the Point within 10 minutes.

If the Point is not captured (repainted) within 10 minutes by the Assault Team, it beeps and flashes with the color of the Defensive Team indicating their victory.

Assault Laser Tag Scenario Gameplay


If the Point has been captured (repainted) within 10 minutes by the Assault Team, the Assault Team wins.

If the Assault Team has failed to repaint the Point, and after 10 minutes, the point has begun to flash with the color of the Defensive Team, then the Defensive Team wins, even if all their players are dead.

Usually, after that teams swap their roles. 

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