Capture-The-Flag laser tag scenario with Digital Flag

Starting stage

At the beginning of the game, each team has its own Digital Flag device at their respective bases that are colored in the color of the teams.

Game idea

The goal of each team is to bring the enemy’s team flag to their own base while preventing the enemy team from stealing their flag and bringing it to the enemy base.


To bring enemy’s virtual flag to their own base, a player must come close to the opposite team Digital Flag Device, shoot it from above and thus get a virtual flag, reach their own base while staying alive, shoot their own Digital Flag, and thus score that the virtual flag has been brought by their team.


Several players can steal flags from the enemy base and try to take them to their own base at the same time.

Players who carry virtual flags cannot shoot anyone and their taggers are disabled for the duration of their ‘flag-bearing’ dash.

If the player carrying the flag is ’killed‘, they lose the flag and need to start the process from the beginning, that is, they need to go to the enemy base and try to capture the flag again.


The team, that first brings a certain number of enemy virtual flags to their own base, wins.

Settings Tips (For X-gen and Alphatag generation)

To determine the number of virtual flags to be brought upon reaching which the game is won by either team, in X-Gen and AlphaTag, select the «End game conditions» item in the configurator application then select "Stop by device script". After adding a flag to the game in the «game lobby» of configurator application, check the box "End the game according to the condition of the device" in the pop-up window, and then enter a number (the number of captured flags after which the game finishes).

If you want to determine the winning team only by the number of captured virtual flags, set “zero” score points for hitting, killing, and such in the scenario settings, and set score.

Equipment needed

You can run this scenario in several ways:

1. Each of the teams has a Digital Flag at the base location, the team's Respawn Device is located at some distance from the base, preferably not in direct line of sight , and both teams try to steal the virtual flag from the enemy base and bring it to their own base. This scenario is quite difficult to run at rental games, where most of the participants are newbies, because it is easier to guard your own team’s Digital Flag than to take the enemy one, which means that the game may go on for a long time without a winner being identified.

This scenario with 2 team scenario requires 2 Digital Flag Devices and 2 Respawn Devices.

2. Each of the teams has a Digital Flag Device at their base, and in the middle of the location, there is a neutral Digital Flag, or several such devices. Thus, the players must bring the virtual flag from the device(s) located in the middle to their own bases. This scenario is much more interesting for beginners. To determine the winner, you can set either the condition by which the team that brings a certain number of flags to its base wins, or the team that brings more flags in within the round time wins.

Both scenarios can be made much more complicated for players if the operator uses smart medkits instead of simple medkits to revive players, which has an option to either respawn periodically or limit the number of respawns per team.

This 2-team scenario requires a minimum of 2 Digital Flag Devices and 2 Respawn Devices (or 2 Smart Medkits).