Confrontation laser tag scenario with Digital Flag

Starting stage

In the way similar to the previous scenario, the device or a number of devices are installed in the center of a location, or in a place where all teams have approximately the same possibility to reach it/them. The LED of the Digital Flag legs are equally divided with the colors of the participating teams.

Game idea

Hold digital flag(s) longer than other teams


To capture the flag, the team must shoot at it from above. In this case, the Digital Flag device starts counting the hold time of the team and the number of LEDs located on the legs of the Flag, glowing in the color of the team, begins to grow. If another team intercepts the Flag, then the number of LEDs, colored in the color of that team on the legs of the Device, begins to grow too for as long as the team holds the device.


The team, that holds the flag longer than others, wins.

The scenario can also be made more complicated by Smart MedKit device instead of Regular Respawn devices, this will either limit the number of player respawns for each of the teams, forcing them not to waste respawns and gather into groups larger than one player for reviving, or set automatic updates at regular intervals.

Equipment needed

1 or more digital flags and control points, 2 medkits (or smart medkits)