Last hero or Last man standing or King of the hill or Free-for-all laser tag scenario

 Last hero, last man standing or free for all laser tag scenario

There are no teams in this scenario and every player fights for themselves. The player who is the only survivor wins. No additional equipment is required to play this scenario.

Objective: destroy all enemies and survive last  until the game ends.

You can assign any number of health points to each player and any damage factor depending on the gun types. We usually recommend 100 health points and 25 points damage for each player which is equal to 4 lives.

More specific details of the game are discussed with the instructor before the start of the battle.

Starting scenario

The Last man standing scenario can be activated

  • In 9th (offline) generation game instructor will give a signal to start the game. It can be a whistle.
  • In X or Alphatag (online) generations game instructor selects appropriate scenario in Application installed on main PC and starts the round