Domination scenario

Domination Scenario in Laser Tag - Control point mission

The location and number of teams

In Laser Tag Domination scenario, two or more teams are fighting for this point.

In most cases, we are talking about fighting between two teams because in most locations, it is usually hard to find a place for setting a Domination point in such a manner which balances team chances, and where access to this point would be approximately the same simultaneously for all teams.

At the beginning of the game, teams are separated to the opposite sides of the location, where the Respawn Devices of each team are situated.

Domination point location

The point is usually mounted in the center of the area so that all the teams have roughly equal conditions for its seizure and control, ie, both sides should have shelters that provide approximately the same conditions of protection and stealth, ease of assault, sniper fire, etc. This means that the place where the Laser Tag Domination point stands, should not, for example, be well exposed to fire for one team, and vice versa, or be poorly exposed to fire from the opposite team.

In most cases, the Domination point location is chosen by the experienced game instructors and in the case of a strong preponderance of the conditions for one of the parties, the Domination point is simply shifted to the side with worse conditions, so that it becomes easier to capture it from the worse side.

Game process

Domination point (or tube) records shots from Laser tag gun only from a very short distance of about 2-3 feet, so to take it, a player has to shoot it from very little distance.

When any player shoots the point, the point beeps and lights up with the color of the player’s team, for example, red, and starts counting the hold time of the red team.

As soon as the player of the opposition team shoots to the Domination tube, it sounds again and repaints into the color of the opposition team, for example blue, and starts counting the hold time of the blue team.

The point can be taken (repainted) many times during the game, and each time it adds holding time to the team that captured it last (repainted it to the team's color).

Killed players are restored at the Respawn Device throughout all duration of the game. i.e. player who was killed at any zone of location can go to the team’s Respawn Device (only to Respawn Device of his team) and after restoring hit points, re-enter the game.

Seizure of Domination Point in Laser Tag
Domination Point game process


The winner is the team that first holds the point for some preset period of time, for example 6 minutes.

As soon as sum of holding time of one of the teams reaches a preset level, the point beeps and begin to blink with the color the winning team. So, the team wins if it reaches the sum of the preset amount of hold time (for example 6 minutes) first.

Additional rules

To recover hit points in laser tag domination scenario, players can use only their team’s Respawn Device.

The team shouldn't move its Respawn Device or Domination point.

In most cases, in this scenario, players are forbidden to go far into enemy territory. i.e. in the game with two teams, players can't go to some restricted zone beyond the Domination point.

Sometimes, it is prohibited for players to fire on the opposition’s Respawn Device. But such situations are usually resolved by the location of the Respawn Device so that they cannot be fired from the enemy's territory.