Public laser tag games

Public laser tag game is an open-door type of the game. Anyone, regardless of their experience or acquaintance with others, or other traits can come to play this game. The only limitations of the public game are location-related ones (number of people, that can simultaneously play in a given location) and the number of Laser Taggers available in your club. Therefore, players should book their Taggers in advance.

public laser tag game

Public games are always held in the same time (typically, in the afternoon) and day of week.

For example, a laser tag club can set the event to be held on "every Sunday at 2:00 PM". So the game will be held that time every week in all weather and under any circumstances. In this case, the players can always plan their time in advance and find it to participate in the game.

After some period of time, public games will become one of the most important elements that give your club events a positive "buzz", WOM marketing and a conversation starter. Over time, you will have regular players that come to every or most public games and these permanent players will bring you new players too. These most enthusiastic players will constantly attract new customers to your games by their personal example. They will constantly go over your club on their social network page, your site forum and so on. These players would be the customer base and the core of your laser tag business.

After a while, these players will first form temporary one-game or one-round teams and then establish permanent teams who would exercise and play together.

Laser tag team

They will start to participate in local, and then in country tournaments, organize their own tournaments powered by your club.

However, as you know, this does not happen in a short period of time. But if you do this, your business will grow by itself and your regular enthusiastic customers will bring you new customers.