Choosing future club specialization and laser tag equipment type.

First of all, you should decide what type of laser tag business you want to develop. There are two options:

If you selected outdoor laser tag, you can also specialize either on sports game version of laser tag or on military simulation laser tag although it is possible to have both types of laser tag equipment in your Tagger armory. Game laser tag under otherwise equal conditions gives greater monetary returns because most customers will want to play with light and convenient weapon, so it is recommended to have as much as possible light Taggers, such as AK12LT Predator, Eraser or Phoenix.

However, based on experience, we know that the more frequent some players will come and play in your club, the more of them after a while will move from a purely sports laser tag game and light Taggers to military laser tag and imitation models of firearms and even to Taggers made from deactivated firearms.

Therefore, we recommend buying equipment for new laser tag in the form of 2 sets. First set for new players is about 10 light Taggers, such as AK12LT Predator, Eraser or Phoenix. The second set for constant players is 10 imitation firearms Taggers of different types, for example, 2 sniper rifles, two machine guns, and 6 assault rifles.

In any case, we recommend you to initially think over the matter of equipment specialization, depending on the potential customer base.