No need to have special-purpose game clothes

One of the main disadvantages of paintball is that you need a mask that never sweats and the clothes that require washing after each game. Moreover, the clothes should be dense enough to protect you against painful pellets hitting you.

Airsoft has the same shortcomings. You'll definitely need a mask or special goggles, which also tend to sweat and very dense clothing that will not let hitting pellets through.
In laser tag, you can don almost any clothing, but in most cases, laser tag clubs provide camouflaged outdoor clothes along with leased taggers and headbands.

Laser Tag protective clothes

Usually, provision of such camouflage is included in the price of the tagger+headband playset lease.

But in the summer, laser tag players often play in T-shirts. Such clothing in paintball and airsoft is simply impossible if you hold your body and clothes integrities dear.

Clothes in laser tag