Enigma Nuclear briefcase

Laser tag CounterStrike scenario Enigma Bomb
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Li+ (300 mAh; 7,4V)
Li+ (8,4V; 1000 mA) Li+ charger or Spider charger

We want to present you newest updated wifi version of the well-known Explosive Device Simulator (EDS). Without a doubt, it is one of the most popular gaming devices, that had market success for more than 10 years. Old Explosive Device Simulator was so realistic that we could not send it to customers by air because the airlines refused to take it on board. We even recommended transporting it in a carefully packed form so that the operator was not accidentally mistaken for a terrorist in real life. It will give drive to any game from fast rental game scenarios to long daily scenario games by adding new Counter-Strike scrips to your games.

But time zips along, game trends, operator’s tasks, and producer’s technologies change, and devices tested by thousands of games are given away by modern ones. This time LASERWAR engineers and developers carefully studied and analyzed the entire experience of using this popular device, took into account the numerous players' and operators' requests and integrated the device into the modern gaming environment, which has changed significantly after the release of X-gen and Alphtag equipment generations.

We have changed everything except its casing is a classic black suitcase and equipped it with the new mind-«blowing» filling.
Everything else was developed almost from scratch. We took the original idea of this popular device as a basis and recreated it, taking into account laser tag trends over the past decade, using the newest electronics, which allowed significantly improving its ergonomic performance and expanding its scenario capabilities.
These new gaming devices, which are an evolution of Explosive Device Simulator are called - Nuclear suitcases "Enigma" and "Perimeter".

Enigma nuclear case lasertag counterstike scenario

Laser tag Nuclear suitcase has the following features:

  • This new device has got two design options: a daring yellow cyberpunk style unique design is called "Enigma", and a hard-boiled red military-style design is called "Perimeter". We are for a variety of options, let everyone selects their own style.
  • A huge, compared to the old Explosive device simulator, segment indicator that shows the countdown and is perfectly visible to players from any distance.
  • The old liquid-crystal LCD display used for the previous Explosive device simulator, poorly visible at night, has been replaced by a bright 1.3-inch OLED display for showing current game settings and scenario options. When preparing for the game, it shows a dialog for selecting a scenario and setting its game parameters, and during the game, it displays information for players about the necessary actions, password codes to be entered, the remaining round time, and some technical parameters like battery charge, network signal, etc.
  • X-shaped front panel LED indicator flashes brightly, confirming shots have hit the device. It is visible from any distance.
  • Responsive touch keyboard has replaced the classic button assembly, which withstands heavy use.
  • The new device has got a fully-featured sound provided with a loud speaker. Thanks to an economy but powerful amplifier and a 4-watt 8-ohm speaker voice commands and sound effects are audible to players up to 250 feet.
  • We strengthened the gaming protection of the nuclear briefcase, making completing scenario tasks more difficult, and provided a double activation device option with a password plus a flash drive. To do this, we added a special USB port on the device panel. An operator can select the type of activation in the scenario settings, only a password, only a flash drive, or both. In addition, the device includes classic protection against the inactive player activation, because confirmation of activation is made by a live player's shot.
  • A powerful 3000 mAh rechargeable battery will allow the operator to run games for 24 hours a day without recharging.
  • And the main feature of this device, which distinguishes it from the old Explosive device simulator, is the presence of a Wi-Fi adapter that allows it to be integrated into network scenarios of Alphatag or X-Gen equipment. Now the device is displayed in the X-Generation and Alphatag arena control application and can be used in game scenarios

Enigma nuclear case for laser tag counter strike

Modern trends in laser tag equipment development require device multifunctionality, LASERWAR developers, put three game scenarios when developing this device, significantly expanding its gaming capabilities.

Game scenarios 

  • "Judgment Day" Scenario

The nuclear briefcase and flash drive to activate it are in one of the teams. The task of this team is to deliver the Case to the enemy team base and activate it. Once the Nuclear Case is activated, it is no longer possible to be turned off.
The task of the opposite team is to prevent activation.
The team that managed to complete their task during the round wins.

  • "Dirty Bomb" Scenario

The game involves two teams - "terrorists" and special forces. "Terrorists’" team has a Nuclear briefcase and their task is to deliver the bomb to the specified place and blow it up during the round.
The task of the Special Forces team is to prevent the enemy from activating the bomb or clearing it before detonation, protecting the specified place.
The team that completes their task wins.

  • "Secret Code" Scenario
The game involves two teams. Each of the teams has a flash drive to deactivate the device. The instructor activates the Nuclear briefcase and places it in a point equidistant from both teams. The task of the teams is to find the bomb and deactivate it by inserting a USB flash drive and entering the password.
The team that successfully completed the task during the round wins.

The use of several activation options in combination with various scenarios will make your games unique, and the stylish design and modern technologies create a powerful WOW effect for players.

The nuclear briefcase is already available in two versions - "Perimeter" and "Enigma". An old version called Explosive device simulator is also available.


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