Enigma Nuclear briefcase

Laser tag CounterStrike scenario Enigma Bomb
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6.3 x 10.2 x 8.3 in (16х26х21)
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Li+ (300 mAh; 7,4V)
Li+ (8,4V; 1000 mA) Li+ charger or Spider charger

This new Laser Tag Bomb is a reworked version of the Explosive Device Simulator that was very popular with operators and used for many scenario games. We still keep the old version of the Explosive Device Simulator for sale.  However, we recommend buying a new model, since it can be connected to a Wi-Fi network and can be used with X-generation and AlphaTag equipment, affecting the statistics of both the player and the team, since this device was originally designed to be built into the system of new generations of laser tag equipment with online scoring.

This Laser Tag Bomb is a completely new model designed from the scratch. The only thing that has remained the same is the bomb case, which looks like a nuclear suitcase.

We’ve made this device in two versions: the yellow version is called Enigma, the red version is called "Perimeter". Technically, both options are the same; the differences are only in design.

The most important difference between the new Bomb and the old Explosive Device Simulator, for which the whole development was done, is the ability to be connected to the scoring software and affect individual statistics of the player, team statistics, as well as issue events for the end of the round and one or another team victory. Certainly, the new device has got the ability to configure from a PC via a Wi-Fi network. This was made by installing a Wi-Fi module inside the device.

We have significantly complicated new laser tag bomb game scenario. Now Bomb activation can be done by either typing a password, or using a Flash Drive, or even using both methods at the same time.

Now an operator can create a scenario, in which players have to first find the Flash Drive, and then get to the Bomb alive, and only after that activate or deactivate it.

Sure, operator can set up protection against the activation or deactivation of the Bomb by a dead player by setting activation/deactivation actions confirmation with a shot; this will mean that the player using the Bomb is alive.

In addition, we increased the capacity of battery used, which is now equal is 3 Ampere-Hours, and allows business owner to use the new device for a day without additional charge.

Enigma nuclear case lasertag counterstike scenario

Having developed everything from scratch, we completely changed its electronics. Now the sound is produced using a 4-watt amplifier, which will be heard by players at a distance of more than 260 ft (80 m) from the device.  In addition, unlike the previous model, new Bomb is equipped with a touch type keyboard, and now the device will withstand much more emotional pressing in the heat of battle.

The indication of the device has also been changed, and now the bomb uses a large OLED display, which shows:

  • current scenario and its parameters,
  • actions that the players should undertake,
  • time until the end of the round,
  • code that enters the player,
  • technical parameters , such as network signal and battery status,
  • the time of setting,
  • menu for selecting scenarios and their options.

Huge segmental clocks, like in blockbusters, show a countdown, and now this time can be seen really from afar. An X-LEDs are used to clearly and understandably confirmation of the player shot.

Enigma nuclear case for laser tag counter strike


Game scenarios


Game idea
The team have to carry the bomb to the enemy team's base or a specific location and activate it there.

One team has the Bomb and the Flash Drive, or they have to find the Bomb and the Flash Drive first. The other team guards the place where the Bomb is to be planted and activated. The goal of the former team is to infiltrate the place and activate the Bomb, the goal of the latter team is to prevent the former one from bringing and activating the Bomb during the set round time.

Once the bomb has been planted, it can no longer be turned off.

The team with the Bomb wins if they have planted it, and the opposing team wins if the Bomb gets not activated at all.


Starting stage
There are two teams on a playground, the terrorist team and the counter-terrorist team, the terrorists’ team has the Bomb.

The goal of the terrorist team is to bring the Bomb to a certain place, plant it, and prevent the counter-terrorists from deactivating it during the round. The goal of the counter-terrorist team is to prevent the Bomb from being exploded by any means: to keep the terrorists from bringing the bomb to the target place, or to prevent it from being planted, or at least successfully disarm it after activation.

The terrorists win if the Bomb is exploded during the round, the counter-terrorists team wins if the Bomb does not explode before the end of the round.


Starting stage
Each team has its own Flash Drive to disarm the Bomb. The laser tag Bomb is placed in the middle of the location, namely, in the place where two teams have equal access to.

The goal of both teams is to reach the Bomb under enemy fire, insert a Flash Drive, enter the code known to both teams, and disarm the Bomb under the enemy fire.

As in the other cases, only ‘alive’ player can defuse the Bomb. An additional Flash Drive can be ordered while ordering a Bomb.

The team, who have managed to defuse the Bomb within the allotted time of the round, wins. If neither team were able to defuse the bomb, then a draw is declared.


This device will really greatly diversify the number of game scenarios that the laser tag business owner/operator can, and most importantly, it will allow to host these scenarios with online statistics that take into account the score points of individual players and define which team has won the round.

Please note, that this Bomb is available in another version - the Perimeter; in addition, you can buy the older version of this device in our store, since it is also available for purchase.


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