Electronic Biathlon 2.0 "Coach" set

Electronic biathlon Target System for biathletes training
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Exciting news for biathlon enthusiasts, coaches, and athletes! LASERWAR has launched a new Electronic biathlon Target System set called "Coach", which provides young athletes with a high quality Electronic rifle for comprehensive training sessions. This sleek, compact, lightweight, and ergonomic laser rifle is based on the "Pioneer 345" biathlon air rifle and competes with the best biathlon weapons that renowned athletes train with.

Crafted from breathable beech or walnut wood, the rifle stock is both lightweight and durable, and is widely recognized among gunmakers worldwide. It's not stained but treated with a special impregnation for optimal performance. The pistol grip features a non-slip notch for a secure hold on the weapon and a comfortable fit in the hand.

For a customized experience, the rifle's buttstock has an adjustable heel plate and cheekpiece to accommodate each player’s individual anatomical characteristics. This feature allows players to utilize 100% of the rifle's capabilities.

Coach Electronic Biathlon target system

The Electronic biathlon rifle boasts a dual reload mechanism with a classic biathlon reload bolt that simulates the use of a small-caliber rifle. Younger athletes can opt for the more convenient reloading method by pressing the right thumb on the lever of the extension.

The new "Coach" Electronic Biathlon rifle set by LASERWAR is equipped with a diopter front sight post and a back sight with 0.05 mm adjustment. To protect against falling snow during competitions, both sights are fitted with movable curtains. A crucial component of the biathlon rifle that affects the outcome of the race is the shoulder strap system that holds the rifle securely behind the athlete's back. Our Electronic rifle kit includes a shoulder strap with a standard mounting system that fits most belt models, and there are additional attachments for a short rifle sling in the front part of the stock.

Electronic Biathlon target system  rifle package

To turn on the rifle, press the button located at the end of the stock. This new biathlon rifle incorporates all the features, including the optics, electronics and functionality of the previous model. It also has a fire adjustment mode that can be accessed by pressing the reload lever, turning on the rifle, and pressing the trigger three times. This initiates a continuous fire mode for sight adjustment. Pressing the reload lever three more times will enter the settings mode where you can set the number of rounds, magazines, reload type, and sound effects. Use the reload lever to select the next option and the trigger to confirm the selection.

The rifle is powered by a lithium battery that can be charged with any 5V charging device with a mini-USB connector.

Electronic Biathlon range shooting system charger

The charging socket is located on the left side of the rifle stock.

The Electronic biathlon Target System is made of a moisture-resistant composite material. Its reduced weight makes it easy to disassemble and relocate, making biathlon 2.0 a convenient and mobile sport compared to the traditional electronic shooting ranges. The mounting system is simplified, allowing the Electronic biathlon Target to be easily screwed onto the stand. The target panel offers two target diameters - 45 mm

Electronic Biathlon target system shooting range


and 115 mm 

Electronic biathlon shooting range target system 115 mm

and can be quickly adjusted for prone or standing stances.

The Biathlon 2.0’s electronics  have been completely redesigned with new circuitry and multiple photo sensors that can accurately detect hits on the edges of the target. The laser spot is now clearly recorded across the entire diameter of the target, and there are no false triggers outside the sensor zone.

Electronic biathlon rifle shooting range

The "Coach" Laser biathlon set includes:

  • a Pioneer 345 biathlon laser tag rifle with a three-point belt,
  • a biathlon target,
  • a charging device.

Additional rifles and targets are available for $1267 and $220, respectively. 

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