1x40 Collimator sight

1x40 Collimator sight for lasertag1x40 Collimator sight for lasertag
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"1x40" refers to the magnification and objective lens diameter, respectively.

The "1x" means that the sight has a magnification of 1x, which is also known as a "1-power" or "no-magnification" sight. This means that when you look through the sight, the target appears at its actual size, without any magnification.

The "40" refers to the diameter of the objective lens in millimeters. The objective lens is the lens at the front of the sight that gathers light and forms the image that you see when you look through the sight. A larger objective lens allows more light to enter the sight, which can make it easier to see in low-light conditions.

So, this "1x40" collimator sight has no magnification and an objective lens diameter of 40 millimeters.

Collimator sights, also known as reflex sights or red dot sights, offer several advantages over traditional iron sights or other types of optics, such as:

  1. Rapid target acquisition: Collimator sights allow shooters to quickly acquire and aim at targets. The sight presents a clear image of the target and the aiming point, making it easier to shoot accurately and quickly.
  2. Enhanced accuracy: Collimator sights provide precise aiming points, allowing shooters to achieve greater accuracy than with iron sights. The sight presents a clear, unobstructed image of the target, eliminating the need to align front and rear sights, and providing a more intuitive aiming method.
  3. Improved visibility: Collimator sights offer excellent visibility in low-light conditions. The illuminated reticle provides a clear point of aim, making it easier to shoot accurately in low-light or dark conditions.
  4. Increased field of view: Collimator sights allow shooters to maintain a greater field of view than traditional iron sights. With both eyes open, shooters can maintain situational awareness while aiming and shooting.
  5. Versatility: Collimator sights can be used on a variety of firearms, from rifles to pistols to shotguns. They are suitable for a variety of shooting applications, including hunting, target shooting, and tactical operations.
  6. Durability: Most collimator sights are built to withstand harsh environments and heavy use. They are often shockproof, waterproof, and fog proof, making them ideal for use in a range of conditions.
  7. Ease of use: Collimator sights are generally very easy to use. They don't require any special knowledge or training to use effectively, and they don't require any adjustment for different lighting conditions.

Overall, collimator sights offer a number of advantages over traditional iron sights and other types of optics. They provide rapid target acquisition, enhanced accuracy, improved visibility, increased field of view, versatility, durability, and ease of use.

This 1x40RD Collimator sight  is equipped with a universal mount that fits perfectly on a "Weaver" or "Picatinny" rails. The LASERWAR crosshair is used as the sighting mark that is available in two colors: green and red. For better use in low light conditions this collimator site has a brightness selector, that allows the player to adjust the crosshair and switch between 5 modes for each color.

This kit includes a collimator sight with mounts, a hex key, a lens cleaner, and protective caps.


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