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Artifact is an additional device from Laserwar, which allows operators to greatly diversify their game scenarios. This device was originally developed for post-apocalyptic laser tag scenario games, as well as games that may include magic and other unconventional or futuristic items.

Artifacts are four different items that can work both independently and interact with each other or affect the player. We emblematically divided these items into earth, air, water and fire, but operators can stick their own stickers on them and name them in their own way.


Each Artifact has three states:

1. The first state, when Artifact does not belong to anyone. That is, it has not been picked up by any team

For simplicity, we can assume that it is just lying somewhere in the playground.
The player can determine that Artifact does not belong to anyone by the blinking LEDs, which blink once every 10 seconds in a neutral white color. In addition, the device emits crackling sounds like older  Geiger counters would do in a radioactive environment.

2. Artifact belongs to a team and is captured.

This means that a player of a certain team found an Artifact and fired at it. Thus, they captured the Artifact.
In this state, the Artifact LED lights up with the color of the team that has captured it.
Another team can shoot at this Artifact, and it will reverse back to its initial state, that is, it will not belong to anyone.

3. Artifact belongs to a certain team and at the same time it interacts with some other Artifact

This is the state where the team captured at least two Artifacts of different types, and now put them side by side, they found each other via the Bluetooth channel and begin to interact. Artifacts find each other and start interacting after about 10 seconds.
If the enemy team hits interacting Artifacts, they will immediately return to the initial state, that is, they will not belong to anyone.
If one of the two now interacting Artifacts is moved away from the other so that they stop interacting, then both of them will return to the second mode, that is, they will be considered captured by the team, but not interacting with each other.

Device for post apocalyptic laser tag games



The functionality of the device lies in the fact that for each of these three states operator can set a specific command that the Artifact emits, for example, an unsighted Artifact can emit harmful radiation decreasing health points of those nearby, a taken Artifact, on the contrary, can heal players, two interacting Artifacts can restore the lives of players, that is completely revive them.

At the same time, it is not necessary that the Artifacts send a command for an entire specific team, they can, for example, heal only certain players who captured them.

Operator can also set the frequency of this command, which can be repeated every 10 seconds and up to 3 minutes on a loop.

To set the Artifact up , the operator can use either a USB base, or a Smart remote control that can work in the USB base mode. All settings get adjusted through our Laser tag configuration software.

The following commands can be configured for each of the three artifact states:

  • Inaction
  • adding 1, 10,25, 50, or 100 health points
  • Restore health
  • adding 10 cartridges
  • adding 1 clip
  • full ammunition
  • new game (respawn)
  • disarm players
  • stun players
  • kill players
  • anomaly (adding +2, 25, or 50 health points)
  • radiation (deleting -2, 25, or 50 health points)
  • restore health for the device holder
  • restore ammunition for the device holder
  • adding 1, 10, 25, and 50 health points for the holder team
  • full ammunition for the holder team
  • maximum shooting rate
  • doubling health points
  • restore health for the specified team (Red, Blue, Yellow, or Green)
  • restore ammunition for the specified team (Red, Blue, Yellow, or Green)


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