«Cerberus»- claymore laser tag mine

Laser tag claymore tripwire landmine
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Price / kg:
1.3 lb (0.58 kg)
8.3x5.9x3.1 in (25x15x8 cm)
40 ft (12 m)
Up to 36 hours.
Li+ (2.2 Ah; 7,4V)
Li+ (8,4V; 1000 mA) (additional option)



The Cerberus laser tag mine features a massive black body and is nearly identical to the world-(in) famous US M18A1 Claymore anti-personnel mine or Soviet Union MON-directional type anti-personnel mine.

The weight of the mine is 1.3 lb. (580 grams) with a length of 8.3 in (21 centimeters), a height of 6 inches (15 cm) and a thickness of 3.1 inches (8 cm).


Inside, there is a 2200-milliampere-hour lithium battery, which provides up to 36 hours of battery life. On the front side the laser tag mine has:

  • 8 infrared diodes, providing guaranteed elimination of targets within a 50-feet (15 meters) radius.
  • 2 infrared sensors for receiving signals that track movement at a distance of 10 feet (3 meters)
  • red LED showing the current status of the device.

There are two speaker holes on the reverse side of the case. The speakers are 1-watt ones providing the ultimate authenticity of sound when the mine is triggered.

laser tag tripwire mine

On the bottom of the case, there is a charging socket with a rubber plug that provides moisture protection, and next to it, there is a power button.

On top of the case, there is a channel for fusing the mine, which is closed with a rubber plug. On the back side of the body, there are protruding ribs with holes designed to accept metal pins (for in-the-ground placement), and on the sides there are two lugs designed to accept a sling with Velcro hook-and-loop fasteners to place the device on a tree trunk or pole.

Tactical Lasertag mine claymore


After switching on, the mine utters a sound signal indicating its battery level.

4 beeps - 100%, 3 beeps - more than 30%, two beeps - less than 30%, otherwise the battery is close to zero.

After the battery test, a five-second countdown begins, with abrupt beeps and a flickering LED on the front panel. When the countdown is over, the mine becomes armed.

Laser tag mine can be activated in three cases:

  1. If its infrared motion sensors are triggered, which have a 10 ft (3 meters) range.
    Note that it is more efficient to place this claymore mine at the chest level.
  2. If another mine or laser tag grenade goes off nearby
  3. Also, a mine will explode if it is shot from a laser tag gun. At the same time, it has some durability points, which by default are 100 units.

    In addition, the player can explode a mine using additional optional devices:

  4. When pulling out the fuse checks (line with a tripwire laser tag mine)
  5. With remote detonation using a radio device.

The guaranteed kill zone of the claymore is 40 feet (about 12 meters).

Mine settings tips

To activate the admin mode, operator needs to insert a special key into the charging socket and turn on the device.

Laser Tag Mine settings and ways of using

After that the mine can be set up directly in the field using any Laserwar company remote controls  (Universal remote control, Nano smart remote control, Remote control pro or Smart remote control pro). Using the "kill player" command, operator can scroll through the menu items, and the "new game" command changes the current value of the parameter. After all the parameters are set to the desired values, it is required to wait a few seconds, the mine will save the settings and give out a short beep.

Player/operator can switch between the following options

  • sounds (all / minimum)
  • command (explosion / shot)
  • mode (classic / advanced)
  • motion sensor (off / on)

In addition, for the subsequent confirmation of the kill of = affected enemy in the statistics on behalf of either the mine planted player or the team as a whole, the operator can set the color of the team and the ID of the player who plants the mine. To do this, the player needs to shoot at the sensor on the front side. The mine will become assigned to that specific player.

After turning on and indicating the charge, the laser tag claymore mine checks if it has been activated, and if so, it reports the color of the team to which it belongs.

If the option of minimal sounds was previously set in the mine settings, then the color of the team will be displayed by LED flickers 1-red, 2-blue, 3-yellow, 4-green.

If the mine has not been activated, it will say that it needs to be activated; either with a voice signal or with a short beep if the minimum sound settings are set.

In this mode, to attach a mine to a specific player, this player just needs to shoot at the mine, and it memorize their ID and color. After that, in the “shot” command mode, all virtually killed opponents will be considered the player’s frags (victims), and the mine will improve player’s scores. If the "explosion" mode is set, then only the color of the team matters, and the players of the owner team will not be able to shoot the mine, but the explosion will still destroy all players who are in the area of ​​​​effect of the device.

After activation with the “new game” command from the remote control, the mine will not arm immediately, but it needs to be reloaded so that the game manager can activate the mine with their remote control, and the player can then safely carry the mine to the installation place.

This laser tag mine will not leave any laser tag fan indifferent, it will freshen up any scenario and add more drive to the gameplay.


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