Charger Spider

Spider Charger for Laser TagSpider Charger for Laser Tag
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Attention! Do not use the "Spider" charger for charging RGB-Headbands.

 A complete table of compatibility of chargers and equipment can be found here.

The Spider is a special charger developed by Laserwar, which allows operator or player to simultaneously charge up to six devices running on 7.4 V batteries. Thus, it allows operator to charge all kinds of taggers and devices designed by Laserwar except for 1st wave of Alphatag.

The charger works with both 110 and 220 V outlets. Adapters for other types of outlets are supplied free of charge for the US and Canadian customers.

This charger ’takes special care’ when charging batteries using CC-CV technology. It means that the battery is charged with constant current until the target voltage level is reached, after which the charging current is reduced to a special value equal to 0.01 from the battery capacity at constant voltage. After charging is completed, the Spider begins to charge the battery with micro currents, which does not allow self-discharging.

Such a careful battery treatment allows operator to increase the battery life up to five years, since it prevents overcharging, a decrease in capacity, as well as overheating.

The power cord uses  a standard computer cable.


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