Firefly Charger

Firefly charger for RGB headbands
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Price / kg:
7.5 V
0-0.7 A
40 W
1 lb (0.45kg)

Firstly, you should remember that you CAN'T use the "Firefly" charger for charging 7-10th generation guns and devices.

It is used only for charging

- RGB headbands and vests.

- all AlphaTag guns, headbands, and vests.

With the beginning of the mass production of SMART RGB headbands, our clients ask for developing a new device like Spider charger for charging quickly several RGB headbands simultaneously and saving their time and place. Spider charger has shown the advantage of using on multicharging device for charging several taggers. 

Therefore, the issue of developing a new multi-pin device for Smart RGB headbands was just a matter of time.
Now we are ready to introduce a new charger – the "Firefly".

We used proprietary color combinations in the design of the Firefly that is noticeable between wires. Due to the small case, the device is convenient in transportation and does not take up much space in your room.

"Firefly" is designed to recharge 6 RGB Headbands or Vests at the same time. LEDs used in Indication system of the Firefly charger will prompt the user when the equipment is charged and ready for a game.

It is very simple to use the "Firefly": just connect it to the outlet, press the power button and connect the headband. If the LED on the case lights up with red then the headband is charging, the green light indicates that the headband is ready for use.

The "Firefly" not only smaller and more convenient than 6 separate Li+ chargers, it also saves your costs because it is lower priced than 6 chargers. The convenience that you’ll get from the work of this device is invaluable.


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