Firefly Charger

Firefly charger for RGB headbands
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7.5 V
0-0.7 A
40 W
1 lb (0.45kg)



The Firefly is a charger that is used to charge equipment that runs on 3.7 volt batteries. Currently, these include 9th  and 10th generation RGB headbands and vests, Alphatag headsets and vests, as well as some other equipment (zombie sets, various hostage sets and so on).

A complete charger and hardware compatibility chart can be found here.

The Firefly can charge up to six devices at once, while the LEDs located near each charging cord will show the operator which device has already been charged, and therefore it could be turned off and which one(s) should be charged further.

The power cord does not use a standard computer cable.

The device can work with both 110 and 220 V sockets, while for the US and Canadian customers, we provide outlet adapters free of charge for every such device.



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