AlphaTag laser tag headband

AlphaTag Laser Tag HeadbandAlphaTag Laser Tag Headband
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AlphaTag Laser Tag Headband
AlphaTag Laser Tag Headband
AlphaTag Laser Tag Headband
AlphaTag Laser Tag Headband
7.8 oz
Up to 30 hours.
Li + (1,8 Ah)


In the Alphatag generation a headband with 5 hit sensors has become the master device to which all guns and other accessories (personal medic kits, phones, and other devices) are connected. The new Bluetooth 5.0 module supports communication with 7 additional gaming devices at the same time. The player can have the main and secondary guns.

Headband shape

We have fully revised the headbands’ shape and it’s comfortability during the game. Alfatag headbands are equipped with anatomic shape head sensors. The new headband is not felt on the head even after several playing hours.

Ergonomic alphatag headband


Headband sensors have become more technologically advanced. Sensors are smaller than in the previous 9th and 10th generations. Now they have hexagonal shapes. Game managers will not confuse the Alpha headband with any other headband.

Alphatag hit sensors

Control blocks

We placed one control block on each side of the headband and achieved perfect balance and weight distribution. One of the blocks now has an OLED display. Now any player has a special tool for the initial kit setup. The OLED display will show a charge level, connected equipment, player status and firmware.

master block for alphatag headband

LEDs and vibration motors

Each headband hit sensor has its own super-bright LED and a vibration motor.

leds of alphatag headband

After the hit, only those sensors that received the IR beam will vibrate. The player will always understand which side he’s got shot from and will be able to quickly react.

vibromotors for alphatag headband

Infrared photosensors

Alpha headbands are equipped with 140 degrees sensitivity angle unique photosensors. This means that the headband will accurately detect even a weak infrared beam. No disputes regarding who hit whom.

photo sensors alphatag headband

Hygienic Cuffs
The  new headband can be equipped either with black or green replaceable hygienic cuff

 AlphaTag heaband cuff


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