Smart RGB laser tag strap

Laser Tag Strap - body set for a playerLaser Tag Strap
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Sales price $230
Price / kg:
Headset options
10 oz (290 g)
Up to 30 hours.
Li + (1,8 Ah)

 This type of hit sensor will be most useful to those operators who:

  • do not consider headbands to be hygienic enough (despite the additional replaceable hygienic cuffs available in our store).
  • are targeting the youngest and most sloppy players who are hard to convince to wear a headband.
  • don't want to buy relatively expensive vests or spend extra minutes putting them on and adjusting them to a player.

laser tag strap 1

This RGB Over-the-Shoulder Strap is suitable for those who use 9th or 10th-generation equipment. It has 5 hit sensors that are placed in such a way as to minimize the presence of blind spots both in front and back of the player.

laser tag strap front and back

The strap is thrown over the head and fixed on with the Fastex.

laser tag strap fatex

Replaceable hygienic cuffs are also available for this RGB strap, as for the RGB headbands. In other aspects, it has all the other advantages of the RGB headbands.

laser tag strap 2

The most imaginative operators can find uses for the Strap in historical scenarios: pirates with harnesses, cowboys, soldiers of the Continental Army or Redcoats, action heroes or American soldiers in Vietnam with machine gun belts – they can all wear one if decorated or painted accordingly.


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