Additional hygienic cuffs for Headbands

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Replaceable hygienic cuffs (sweatbands) for Smart RGB and Alphatag Headbands.

Laser tag is a very active game, and players can sweat a lot during active combat. The inside layer of the headband called sweatband absorbs that sweat, however, before handing the headband over to another player between rent games, we recommend replacing its hygienic cuff, which is attached to the headband with Velcro fasteners.

Thus, we recommend that an operator who plans more than one commercial game per day have a stock of washed hygienic cuffs for their headsets, especially since they are not so expensive.

Additional hygienic cuff (sweatband) for Smart RGB Headband 9th generation or X-gen

RGB laser tag headband replaceable cuff

Additional hygienic cuff (sweatband) for Alphatag Headband (Alphatag generation)


Alphatag laser tag headband

Alphatag headband lasertag hygienic cuff





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