RGB Laser tag Hostage Headband

laser tag Hostage RGB game set
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0.4 lb (0.22 kg)
up to 48hrs
Li+ (1.8 Ah)
Li+ (8,4V; 1000 mA) (additional option)


As a matter of fact, since the hostage laser tag set does not require a gun, it is the most compact playset for playing laser tag, and this is the most important difference between the hostage headband and the classic RGB laser tag headband in that it can work independently, i.e. without a gun.

The hostage kit is available in three versions, these are a classic headset, a tactical vest and a lightweight vest.

This hostage headband is made on the basis of RGB headband and, naturally, has all its advantages.

  • multi-zone, which means individual vibration motors on the headband only activate on the side where enemy shots actually land, that is, an option allowing the hostage to know where they were hit from.
  • background glowing in the color of respective team. Thanks to the background lighting function, allies know who they need to protect, and the enemy, in turn, knows who to focus on
  • Bright flares of LEDs indicate the in-game death of the hostage character.

The color of the hostage is set by the first shot in the headband, and the rest of the parameters can be changed in the 9th generation laser tag configurator.

To do this, operator would need a USB base or a Smart Remote Pro, that can operate in the USB base mode.


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