RGB Hostage Vest Elite

Laser Tag hostage-Pro Vest
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2 lb (0.95 kg)
up to 24hrs
Li+ (1.8 Ah)
Li+ (8.4V; 1000 mA) (additional option)



This vest is similar in every way to our tactical laser tag vest, with the exception of one important thing. The hostage vest works without requirement of being connected to a gun, so it is a standalone device.

The vest surface area comes with MOLLE interface loops for attaching optional pouches. Wear-resistant fabric of the vest can withstand serious attrition. The vest is low-maintenance, does not wrinkle and can be easily washed, even machine-washed.

The vest is adjustable between 46-60 EU sizes with the help of single-purpose buckles on the strap. There is a zipper on the chest, which allows the uniform to sit tightly on the body.

The front straps of the vest can be adjusted with Fastex fasteners. There is a loop on the back, which, in the combat version, is convenient when transporting an injured person, which is especially important in the hostage scenario.

laser tag hostage vest elite for tactical games

In most cases, such a hostage vest is used in hostage taking and extraction scenarios, as well as VIP protection mobile operations. i.e. VIP guarded escort from one point to another scenarios. The variety of such scenarios is only limited by game master’s imagination.

Like the rest of our hostage kits, this kit can be configured using a USB base or a Smart Remote Pro operating in the USB base mode when connected to a 9th generation Laser Tag Configurator.


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