Minigun M-134

Six-barrel rotary machine gun “Minigun M134”
Minigun M134 ,machine gun for lasertag
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The M134 Minigun is a six-barreled, electrically driven rotary machine gun that is capable of firing up to 6,000 rounds per minute. It was developed by General Electric in the 1960s as a lightweight, high-rate-of-fire weapon for use on helicopters and other aircraft.



The real steel M134 Minigun is typically chambered for 7.62x51mm NATO ammunition and is fed from a linked ammunition belt. The weapon is typically mounted on an aircraft or vehicle and is operated by a crew member using a control box and foot pedals. Its high rate of fire and devastating firepower make it a formidable weapon in combat situations. It has been used in a variety of conflicts, including the Vietnam War, the Gulf War, and the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. It is also used by law enforcement agencies for crowd control and other special operations.

Minigun 134 laser tag machine gun front

Its relatively light weight and compact design make it well-suited for use on aircraft and other mobile platforms. Its firepower and versatility have made it a valuable asset in many military and law enforcement applications.

The M134 Minigun has gained popularity among general audience after having “starred” in movies such as «Terminator 2», «Predator», «RoboCop 2», «Batman (1989)», «Rambo 3»,  which feature impressive scenes with the machine gun, as well as video games, such as «Call of Duty», «Resident Evil/Biohazard», and others. This has led to the colloquial use of the term "minigun" to refer to Gatling-type guns of almost any description, although it is specifically the M134 model.

Minigun M-134 laser tag machine gun front and back look

In reality, it would be difficult to replicate the heroic feats of the fictional characters with the M134 because the weapon weighs more than 44lbs even without the batteries needed to fire it, and the recoil at its high rate of fire of 1500 rounds per minute is enough to knock a shooter down.

Minigun 134 laser tag machine gun down

However, this laser tag set offers the opportunity to play exciting scenarios using the M134 Minigun. The gun is made entirely of steel with minimal use of plastic and has its own hit sensors, allowing players to use personal taggers while the minigun reloads. The capacity is 1000 rounds, and the reload time is 30 seconds.

Minigun 134 laser tag machine gun player

Two speakers built into the body provide high-quality sound, with one facing the player for better audio while shooting. The machine gun runs on a lithium battery with a capacity of 3,000 mah, and additional internal or external power sources are used to rotate the barrel block.

Minigun 134 laser tag machine gun back1

The M134 can be operated in three modes, controlled by two switches located under the grip. A two-position trigger is located under the index finger and reloading is done with a button located under the thumb. The three modes include lightweight mode, mobile mode, and stationary mode.

Minigun  M-134 laser tag machine reloading and trigger

Overall, this game set increases firepower and adds realism to events.

 Minigun laser tag machine gun unboxing



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