P-446 «VIKING» Steel series

Yarygin laser tag handgun
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Price / kg:
Electronics Generation
2.1 lb (0.95 kg)
6.2in (16 cm) 
130 ft (40 meters)
Up to 10 hours.
Li+ (800 mAh; 7.4V)
Li+ (8.4V; 1000 mA) (additional option)

The Viking laser tag handgun is created on the basis of the MP-446 pistol, which is a modification of the Yarygin pistol, which has been used by Russian law enforcement units for the past 20 years.

The tagger is made from a metal replica, and has a mass of 2 lb. (0.9 kilograms), and the body frame is made from a special weapon-grade plastic.

Yarygin laser tag handgun front look

The length of the tagger is 6.3 inches (16 centimeters).

Inside the grip is a 750 milliamp-hour battery that will run the tagger for approximately 10 hours. This laser tag handgun can be charged using a special Li+ or Spider charger that plugs into the socket on the bottom of the grip. Next to this socket is an LED that indicates the status of the tag gun.

Yarygin laser tag handgun charging socket

This laser tag handgun has a mechanical fixed rear sight and a front sight with white markings for easy aiming in dark rooms.

There are two ways to reload the pistol . The player can cock the hammer or use the slider to reload the laser tag handgun. At the same time, the slider has a recoil spring, so the tagger will collide impressively with the slider.  The tagger is turned on via a safety lock.

The laser tag’s electronics and optics are fully integrated into the gun, so the optical system has a range of about 130 feet (40 meters) and is limited by a special plug built into the pistol’s muzzle.

The tagger is ideal as a secondary weapon for a sniper, assaulter, machine gunner, or as a laser tag gun for a medic or NPC character. It is recommended both for business rental and personal use.


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