«GASTAT» Original series

laser tag shotgun Benelli M4
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Electronics Generation


4.4 lb (2.1 kg)
LENGTH (folded /extended buttstock)
25.5 in (65 cm) 
130 ft (40 meters)
Up to 30 hours.
Li+ (2.2 Ah; 7.4V)
Li+ (8.4V; 1000 mA) (additional option)



Lasertag shotguns are not as popular as assault or sniper rifles. Players often use pistols or sub-machine guns. But shotguns are the best for rooms where you can “kill” 3-4 "enemies" with just a few shots. So we made "GASTAT" Original game set in a pair to a well-known SG-9000 "WALTHER" shotgun.

In real life the Benelli M3 was first introduced in the late 1980s and wad based on Benelli's proprietary Inertia Driven system, which is known for its recoil-reducing properties, which is known for its reliability and low maintenance requirements. Today it is a versatile and reliable shotgun designed for military and law enforcement use. "M4" is in service with the United States Marine Corps and is used by the SEAL unit.


Our "GASTAT" laser tag shotgun game set is based on the Benelli M4 airsoft model.  The gun's barrel and cartridge chamber are made of aluminum alloy, while the grip and movable buttstock are made of impact-resistant plastic, which is why the gun weighs only 4.6 pounds (2.1 kg).

The gun's plastic has a pleasant texture and the textured grip sits comfortably in the hand. Because the front of the shotgun is heavier, the "GASTAT" requires two-handed use.

A player with Benelli M3 laser tag shotgun

The  25.6 inches (65 cm) long game set is a variation of the Benelli M3 without a buttstock, allowing for increased mobility in indoor environments.

We have incorporated a special laser tag tube into the design, and the optical system's shooting range has been reduced to match  the realistic performance of a similar weapon class at 130 feet (about 40 m).

Laser tag shotgun Benelli M3 optics


By eliminating the large external tube, we maintained the realistic appearance of the gun. Only the power socket, power switch, and operation indicator located at the bottom of the gun reveal that it is a laser tag replica.

Laser tag shotgun Benelli M3 charging socket

"GASTAT" retains its moveable bolt carrier, and reloading is done with the moveable stock, adding to the gun's authenticity.

Laser tag shotgun Benelli M3 reloading by stock

The sights are adjustable front and rear sights and do not have standard Picatinny rails for mounting a red-dot sight.

The game set design features sling loops and the safety is located above the trigger, maintaining standard functions. The shotgun houses a 2.2 Ah lithium battery that provides up to 36 hours of autonomous operation, depending on the generation of electronics and the use of energy-intensive options such as feedback.


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