Underbarrel Grenade Launcher for AK-12

Laser tag underbarrel grenade launcher for AK12
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This laser tag underbarrel grenade launcher is designed to mount on the RIS-bar under the gun receiver for the AK-12LT “Predator”AM-22LT “Predator+”,  AK15LT "Warrior" and fits them both in terms of size and weight.

AK12 with Laser tag underbarrel grenade launcher

The Underbarrel grenade launcher comes with a number of configurable settings, including:

  • Number of grenades per player, indicating the number of reloads available for the grenade launcher.
  • Duration of the kickback effect, the amount of time where the player is unable to use their primary weapon after firing the grenade launcher, simulating the recoil shock.
  • Grenade damage, often set much higher than the player's primary weapon damage.

In large-scale games, having players equipped with underbarrel grenade launchers can be very advantageous, especially when facing armored vehicles that are equipped with our Dome system.

It's important to note that the grenade launcher produces an instantaneous firing sound, while the optical system of the launcher emits an infrared beam to simulate the grenade's flight time, which lasts approximately 2 seconds.

The weight of the grenade launcher is 2.2 lbs. It is made of aluminum alloy.

Laser tag underbarrel grenade launcher for AK12

All the player has to do is press the button to take a shot . The unique optical system provides a greater range of the shot. The delay after the shot, which can be set in the laser tag configurator application simulates the recoil of a shot.

Please note! When buying this grenade launcher you can do a DIY integration or you have to send your laser tagger to LASERWAR technical support center for integration. Mounting the grenade launcher on the  AK-12LT “Predator”AM-22LT “Predator+”,  AK15LT "Warrior"  is optional. However, once it has been mounted, it becomes an integral part of the construction. Special weights are installed in the buttstock in order to balance up the laser tag gun.

Underbarrel grenade launcher for Laser tag AK12



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