3.5-10x40 Sight

3.5x10-40 Laser tag telescopic sight
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In the parameters of a telescopic sight 3.5-10x, indicates the magnification range of the scope. This means that the user can adjust the scope's magnification between 3.5 times and 10 times the naked eye view.

3.5 10x40 telescopic sight for laser tag

The second number, 40, refers to the diameter of the objective lens (the lens at the end of the scope farthest from the eye). This indicates the size of the lens that gathers the light and transmits it to the ocular lens. The illumination range of this optical scope starts from 2 lux (in a semi-dark room).

3.5 10x40 telescopic sight front look
In addition to the standard 3.5-10x magnification feature, this optical sight also includes a sharpness adjustment that ensures clear visibility of targets at any magnification level.
What sets this optical scope apart from others is its ability to illuminate the crosshairs in two different colors (red and green) with adjustable brightness.

3.5 10x40 telescopic sight cap
It is compatible with all our gaming kits that have Picatinny rails and has an optimal sighting range.

The telescopic sight is unique in that it has a built-in laser pointer located on the left side and having a separate power button.

3.5 10x40 telescopic sight top pointer

The laser pointer dot is clearly visible at a distance of 30-650 feet in the shade on a sunny day. And we highly recommend it for our laser tag sniper rifles and machine guns.

Weight – 600 g.
Scope length – 270 mm.
Rail length – 60 mm.
Magnification – 3.5 to 10.
Aperture diameter – 40 mm.


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