3-9x50E Sight

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The 3-9 x 50 optical scope has magnification and a focus rings. The first will allow the player to adjust the magnification, the second - to adjust the scope for a certain type of vision (farsightedness or nearsightedness), so players with visual impairments can shoot without glasses. The Rangefinder is used as the aiming reticle, and it is available in 2 colors: green and red.

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For the illumination of the aiming reticle, it has a drum-shaped switch, which adjusts the brightness in 5 modes for each color. Correction nodes are located at the top and side of the hull.

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The sight comes with a protective cap (90 mm), which will protect against the unwanted light-reflections, this provides sniper will not unmask his position.  In addition, this kit includes flip-open protective caps, instructions, and a lens wiping cloth. Mounts are not included in the basic package.

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