EOTech 551 Holosight

EoTech-551 Collimator sight for laser tag
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It is a replica of an EOTech collimator sight.  The EOTech 551 is a holographic weapon sight that uses holographic technology to provide a precise and accurate aiming point for the shooter. It consists of durable aluminum housing with a window that displays a holographic reticle. The reticle is illuminated by a red or green LED. The holographic reticle provides a clear and precise aiming point, even in low-light conditions, and allows for fast target acquisition. Additionally, the reticle is parallax-free, meaning that the aiming point remains on target regardless of the shooter's eye position. This collimator sight has several features that make it versatile and easy to use. This sight also has 11 several brightness settings for red and green marks, allowing the shooter to adjust the reticle's intensity to match the ambient lighting conditions, and can be mounted on any tagger that has Picatinny rail. The weight of this collimator sight is 0.54 lb (245 grams).



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