Weaver mount for AK/RPK

RPK and AK Weaver mount
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A Weaver mount is a type of firearm mounting system that was first introduced by the Weaver company in the 1950s. It consists of a base with parallel slots or grooves that run along the length of the base, and crosswise notches that allow for attaching rings, all kinds of optical and collimator sights, tactical lights, night vision sights, laser designators, and other accessories.

.The slots and notches on a Weaver mount are standardized and are spaced 0.180 inches apart, which allows for the compatibility of accessories that are designed to fit this mounting system.

One of the advantages of the Weaver mount is its versatility and ease of use. The slots and notches allow for a secure and stable attachment of accessories, while also providing flexibility in terms of positioning and adjustment. Additionally, the standardized spacing of the slots and notches means that accessories can be easily swapped out or upgraded without the need for custom fittings.

This rail has a length is 7.3 inches and is made for laser tag AK rifles and laser tag RPK machine guns.


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