3. Gun and player settings

Health points  The base number of health units that the player has. The parameter is set in the range from 1 to 999.
The game manager can assign equal health points to all players or give different points depending on player roles and characters (terminator, juggernaut) or give double health points to one of the teams (for example for assaulting team) or add health points to players wearing tactical helmets and body armour. 
Magazines The number of gun magazines. The parameter is set in the range from 0 to 255.
Ammo in the magazine The number of rounds in one magazine. As a rule, it corresponds to the real battle performance characteristics of the relevant gun class. The parameter is set in the range from 1 to 249.
Reload time The amount of time (in seconds) it takes to reload a new gun magazine. The parameter is set in the range from 1 to 255.
Fire mode  Auto, Burst of Single fire
Shots in the burst The number of rounds in one burst after a one-time long pull of a trigger. The parameter is set in the range from 0 to 255.
Rate of Fire Imitation of real guns fire rate: from slow sniper bolt rifles to fast machine-guns bursts. The parameter is set in the range from 10 to 990 rounds per minute.
Damage points The amount of damage (in terms of health hit points) when this gun hits an enemy. Differentiated damage (making different damage for different guns) makes it possible to imitate the performance characteristics of the real gun. The game master can set damage depending on caliber or destructive power.
Power of the shot This option means the power of the infrared ray. The higher the value, the greater the distance of the shot, but also it increases the probability of ricochets. We recommend using 100% while playing outdoor and nearly 10 % while playing at night or in buildings.
Gun Overheating The number of shots needed for imitation of gun barrel overheating. While using real guns shooting without interruption is prohibited by safety practices, because high barrel temperature heating can occur barrel distortion. This parameter emulates the effect of "the barrel overheating" after a too intense shooting, the sound of the shot becomes quieter, the gun quits shooting, and stops lights. The player should wait for a few seconds until the gun cools down; the loud of the shot comes back, and the player can continue his fight. Overheating of the barrel in the real gun is the stronger the higher its fire rate and magazine capacity. This option can be switched off completely using the switch "On. / Off.". When the switch is set to "On" you should set the number of shots until the barrel is overheating. The parameter is set in the range from 10 to 255 shots.
Time to start Time in seconds from making respawn by remote control to player activation. The parameter is set but not active. It is activated only with a special command from Remote Control, "a new game - start delay." The parameter is set in the range from 0 to 3600.
Glow after elimination  Time in seconds of headband glowing after the player was killed 
Time of shock after hit

Time of player's "shock" after been hit. During this period player's laser tag gun is not active and he can't shoot.

While been shocked player's headband is vibrating and it's LED's are glowing. The parameter is set in the range of 0.1 to 65.0.

Invulnerability after hit Time (in seconds), when the player is invulnerable and can not be hit by an opponent. This period of time gives players the ability to hide. The parameter is set in the range from 0.1 to 3.0.
Idle time  Time in seconds after which the gun starts to beep if it was not used. The player can stop beeping by pulling the trigger. 
Tagger type This parameter is set just for showing in the scoring table and for fast search during making settings for multiply guns simultaneously. Any gun can be set to one of the following types: Unknown type, Assault rifle, Semi-auto sniper rifle, Submachine gun, Machine gun, Pistol, Heavy sniper rifle, Shotgun, Silenced Pistol, Grenade launcher. 
Team color You can have up to 4 teams with different colors ("Red", "Blue", "Yellow", "Green") playing simultaneously in one area. Players with identical colors can't hit each other (if the "Friendly fire" option is not activated).
Player ID

Enter the numeric player ID. The allowable range for the identifier is 0 - 125. ID is used to calculate the game statistics and must be unique. Players with similar IDs can not hit each other. 
You can assign IDs in two different systems
1. International Milestag II prorocol  - from 1 to 126
2. In Alpha Tag Laserwar I protocol - from 1 to 65 535

Vibration mode

Tactile feedback - Classic feedback or power impulse feedback are activated only while shooting 
Simulating the impact - Classic feedback or power impulse feedback are activated while the player or gun is being hit 
All events - activated both while shooting and being hit 
Disabled - all vibration effects are disabled

Friendly fire Friendly Fire is the mode that enables hitting the players of your team color. If "Friendly Fire" mode is not activated, the game set can't hit the players with game sets that have the same color. If "Friendly Fire" is activated, the game set will be able to hit game sets with the same color. We recommend you to play laser tag without activation in Friendly Fire mode because it will be easier and more interesting to most players. But if you are interested in a realistic battlefield you can activate it anytime.
New game after switching on  If this parameter is switched on, the player will revive after switching on the gun. We recommend switching off this option to eliminate cheating.  
Auto reload If you activate this option, the laser tag game set will automatically reload a new magazine in the case of running out of ammo in the previous magazine. This option can be useful to everyone who produces laser tag equipment from the LaserWar components kit because you have the ability not to place an independent reloading button.
Battery discharge voltage  The voltage of the battery after reaching which the gun will say that its battery is discharged 
Round time  Time of round after which the gun will be disabled. This parameter works only for old offline generations and can be switched off. In X-generation and Alphatag round time is defined by the server. 
Screen mode  Gun OLED screen can be enabled or disabled using this parameter. The game manager can disable OLED screens during night games or for saving battery charge. 
Health regeneration

 Regeneration time interval restores 25 (health points). The parameter can be set from 0 to 255 seconds

Bleeding %

Bleeding is a special mode in which the player loses 1% of health points in a given time interval (bleeding interval). This mode is activated when the player has less than the specified health point (in percentage from the full number of points).
To set the remaining number of player health points, when bleeding starts, switch "on" this option and specify the percentage.

( It is not recommended to simultaneously turn on both health regeneration and bleeding modes).

Bleeding interval Bleeding interval is a frequency (in seconds) at which the player with activated "Bleeding" mode loses health points. To do this, switch "On" this position. and
specify the bleeding interval in seconds. The valid range is 5-255.
Fire volume  Fire sound volume 
Events volume  Events (respawn, reloading, death, and so on the sound volume 
Gun hit sensor 

Gun failure - gun will be disabled for the specified time period.  
Player damage - hitting the gun will affect the player's health points. 
Off - gun hit sensor is switched off 

Tagger damage time  If the gun has been hit in the barrel it will be switched of for 0-255 seconds
Reload type Add - unfired cartridges from the previous clip will be saved and added to overal cartriges 
Reset - unfired cartridges from the previous clip will be lost
Restoring clips on Respawn The player will restore all the ammo while respawning. 
Level of the background glow The game manager can set headband or vest instant background glow and its brightness level from 0 to 15 
Color after hit A headband or a vest can flash after being hit with any preset color (8 options) or with team color. 
Grenade launcher Ability to use under-barrel grenade launcher in the game  On/Off
Number of grenades How many grenades for under-barrel grenade launcher the player can use during the game (from 0 to 99)
Grenade damage Loss of health points when the enemy is hit by the grenade (from 1 to 100)
Delayed grenade fire Since the grenade needs time to reach the enemy, we added the parameter of delay between the trigger pulling and infrared shot from under-barrel grenade launcher. This parameter is set from 0 to 25 seconds
Grenade reloading time Time delay until the grenade is reloaded  0-255 seconds
Kickback time after grenade launch  The time period (in seconds) during which the player cannot use the main gun barrel after firing from under barrel-grenade launcher. The parameter is set in the range from 0 to 60.
AutoRecovery time By default, this option is switched off, and when the player loses all healthpoints he becomes dead and have to find a respawn device. However, the game manager can set the time by the expiration of which the player restores all his health points and returns to the game without a respawn device. To do this, swith on this optio and specify the time of auto-respawn in seconds. The valid range is 0-60000.
Alphatag. Number of lives

A number of possible revivals of the player. 

0 - an infinite number. At non-zero, if a player is revived a specified number of times, he cannot be revived again. The parameter is set from 0 to 255
Maximum Health points 
The maximum health points a player can have when using Double Life, Add Health, etc.  If set to 0, it is determined by the initial value of the Number of Health points. The parameter is set from 0 to 999 points

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