1. Scenarios in 8-9th generations

In the 8th and 9th generation guns are used as standalone devices, that's why scenarios depend on the equipment you get and your imagination.

Here are the most popular in the rental business.

For example, If you have no additional equipment, you can play

- Free for all/Last man standing
- Team Deathmatch
- Assault without control device (one team player defends some area or a building, another team attacks it).  The goal is to kill some percent of defending players.  

And you can just add some independent nonlasertag devices to the game. For example, if you have flags then you can play the Flags scenario. One team should transport the flag or some box from one point to another and another team should prevent them from doing this. 

If you add any additional devices you can diversify scenarios.

For example, if you add one control point, you can play 2 new interesting scenarios.

Team Deathmatch + Domination
-  A sort of Assault scenario where defending team players have standard health points and the attacking team has increased health points.

If after that you add two medkits (respawn devices), you can play
- Classic Domination point,
- Classic Assault scenario,
- Classical Flags scenario.

If you add one more domination point, you can play
- Bases scenario.

If you add an Explosive Device Simulator or Laser tag Bomb, you can also play
- Counterstrike scenarios where one team should arm the bomb and another should disarm it. 

If you add Smart Battle Base you can play
- Convoy scenarios

If you add a Hostage headband or Hostage vest you can add
- hostage or VIP Convoy scenarios.

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