Arsenal laser tag scenario with Digital Flag

The scenario assumes that the device is installed in the middle of the location and is used as an arsenal replenishing players’ ammo.

Starting stage

The game operator places the Digital Flag device (Arsenal) in the middle of the game location, i.e. in a place that is equally accessible to all teams participating in the game. Initially, it does not belong to anyone and is colored with a neutral color.


Teams fight for the central Arsenal, which replenishes their ammo supplies. The Arsenal can be captured with a single shot made from above, after which it lights up in the color of the team that has captured it and then it starts counting the hold time of the Arsenal and replenishing the ammunition of the team players within it range. If a player of another team intercepts the Arsenal, then it is recolored in the color of the other team and begins to count the hold time for that team, as well as replenishes their ammo.


We recommend significantly limiting players' ammo for this scenario, and ’distribute’, for example, 20 rounds in a mag and limit them to just 1-3 magazines, to incentivize opposing teams to capture the central Arsenal.


The team, that holds the arsenal longer than the others, wins.

Equipment needed

1 or more Digital Flags as Arsenals, no medkits needed.