Hospital laser tag scenario with Digital Flag

The scenario is similar to the domination scenario, except for that in this case, the Digital Flag heals (i.e. does not respawn the ‘dead players’, but rather just heals the ‘wounded’ ones) the players of the team that holds it at the given moment.

Starting stage

The Digital Flag device (Hospital) is placed in the center of location or in the place where there is an equal access for the opposing teams. The Hospital is colored in a neutral color.


Teams capture and recapture the device from each other the same way as in the Control Point Scenario, and Hospital counts the time of holding by each team. As in the Control Points Scenario, Hospital is captured with a single shot made from above, but unlike this scenario, Hospital heals (not revives) the players of the team that holds it.


The team, that holds the hospital longer than the others, wins.

Settings Tips (For X-gen and Alphatag)

The same as for the Domination scenario


This scenario can also be complicated like the previous one if you use Smart Kits  instead of regular respawn devices, in which you can limit the number of revivals per team to a certain number, or make automatic updates at regular intervals. The scenario is also complicated by using more than one Digital Flag Devise as an Hospital.

You can also make this scenario much more complicated if you play it without medkits at all, since wounded players will have to take risks and be near the hospital to be healed.

Equipment needed

1 or more Digital Flags Devices as Hospitals, 2 Medkits (or Smart Medkits)