Judgment Day laser tag scenario with Enigma/Perimeter

Game idea

The team have to carry the bomb to the enemy team's base or a specific location and activate it there.


One team has the Bomb and the Flash Drive, or they have to find the Bomb and the Flash Drive first. The other team guards the place where the Bomb is to be planted and activated. The goal of the former team is to infiltrate the place and activate the Bomb, the goal of the latter team is to prevent the former one from bringing and activating the Bomb during the set round time.


Once the Bomb has been planted, it can no longer be turned off.


The team with the Bomb wins if they have planted it, and the opposing team wins if the Bomb doesn’t get activated at all.

Setting Tips  (For X-gen and Alphatag)

However, the scoring application will define the winning team by score points, so if the operator wants to award the victory to the team that has activated the bomb or the team that has prevented activation till the end of the round, they need to set "zero" points for hitting, killing and such in the game scenario settings.

To start this scenario, select the base script you want to use for this bomb game, for example, the «Team Deathmatch» and Set "Any field device's event" in scenario settings.

Laser Tag scenario event condition

After dragging the bomb to the game area, the application will open pop-up window with selecting bomb device scenarios and their settings

Laser tag bomb device scenario settings

In the "Judgement Day" scenario, the round will be finished as soon as the Bomb is exploded.

If you use several Bombs in one game you can switch on «Wait for all devices of similar type» option and the round will end when all Bombs has gone off, otherwise the scenario will be finished if at least one Bomb goes off.