Military base laser tag scenario with Digital Flag

In this scenario, Digital Flag Devices are used as the base for each team.

Starting stage

Each team has its own base designated by a Digital Flag device, which lights up with the color of the respective team.

Game idea

To destroy enemy’s base as many times as possible and protect your own from being destroyed by the players of the enemy team(s).


The players of the opposing teams are trying to destroy each other’s’ bases that have certain health points preset by the operator. The base of each team, if it is not destroyed, has the ability to revive its players, and if it is destroyed, then gets automatically restored after a certain time, which is also configured by the operator.


The team, that destroys the enemy base more times than the other teams, wins.

Settings Tips  (For X-gen and Alphatag)

If the operator wants the round to be stopped at the moment when one of the teams destroys another base for the first time, then they can select the «end of the game according to the condition of the device» in the scenario settings and enter the number 1 (single base destruction). In this case, when either of the bases gets destroyed, the device will immediately quit the game and finish the match.

Equipment needed

This script only requires 2 Digital Flag Devices for 2 teams. Since they perform the respawn functions themselves, no additional reviving devices are required.