Dirty Bomb laser tag scenario with Enigma/Perimeter

Starting stage

There are two teams in the playground, the terrorist team and the counter-terrorist team, and the terrorists’ team has the Bomb.


The goal of the terrorist team is to bring the Bomb to a certain place, plant it, and prevent the counter-terrorists from deactivating it during the round. The goal of the counter-terrorist team is to prevent the Bomb from being exploded by any means: to keep the terrorists from bringing the bomb to the target place, or to prevent it from being planted, or at least successfully disarm it after activation.


The terrorists win if the Bomb is exploded during the round, the counter-terrorists team wins if the Bomb does not explode before the end of the round.

Settings Tips (For X-gen and Alphatag)

Tips are the same as for the Judgement day scenario. The only distinction is that if «Finish game on device event» option is on, then the round will stop if bomb goes off, or it is disarmed.