Secret code laser tag scenario with Enigma/Perimeter

Starting stage

Each team has its own Flash Drive to disarm the Bomb. The laser tag Bomb is placed in the middle of the location, namely, in the place where two teams have equal access to.


The goal of both teams is to reach the Bomb under enemy fire, insert a Flash Drive, enter the code known to both teams, and disarm the Bomb under the enemy fire.


As in the other cases, only ‘alive’ player can defuse the Bomb. An extra Flash Drive can be ordered while ordering a Bomb.


The team, who have managed to defuse the Bomb within the allotted time of the round, wins. If neither team were able to defuse the bomb, then a draw would be declared.

Settings Tips (For X-gen and Alphatag)

Tips are the same as for the Judgement day scenario. The only distinction is that if «Finish game on device event» option is on, then the round will stop if bomb will be disarmed.