“VAMPIRES” vs “ZOMBIES” scenario.

Before the beginning of the game, all the players are divided into two teams: “VAMPIRES” and  “ZOMBIES”.

The killed players in each team have so-called revive cooldown. It means that after being killed and revived the player changes the team to the opposite. If the player was a Vampire and was killed by Zombie, he will be reborn as a Zombie and vice versa if a Zombie player was killed by Vampire he will be reborn as a Vampire.  

The more enemies you kill, the more new players you get in your team, and each death in your team increases enemy team. The game is running until one team completely absorbs their enemy.

This game scenario is available only for X-Generation taggers and can be started either from online configurator software or you using your special command from Remote Control Pro devices.


Devices used in this scenario:
Remote Pro