Laser Tag Capture the Flag Scenario

Regular flag scenario

The Capture-the-Flag scenario is very similar to the Bases Scenario. However, instead of Domination Points located on each of the teams’ Bases, Team Flags are used.

The Respawn Device  are placed at a certain distance from the team Flag similarly to the Bases Scenario and are not necessarily in the line of direct visibility and, accordingly, not in the line of direct fire from the flag position. So, it should be impossible to protect the Flag directly from the Respawn Device point.

Two teams begin this scenario from their Flags located at the opposite sides of the location. The goal of each team is to steal the enemy's flag and bring it to the place of their own Flag, and at the same time, to prevent the enemy team from capturing your own flag. The flag can only be borne by a “live” player.

As in the Bases Scenario, the players of each team can respawn an unlimited number of times, but it can be done only with their own team’s Respawn Device.

The Winner

The winner is the team that is first to bring an enemy's flag and put it near its own flag. As soon as one team does it, the game ends.

Usually, the scenario is played for a certain time, for example 30 minutes. If none of the teams have managed to capture the enemy flag within the allocated time, then the game ends in a tie.

Special conditions for the laser tag base scenario.

Sometimes, additional rules can be introduced to complicate the scenario. For example, in the Capture-the-Flag scenario, players can be allowed to use the Respawn device only if they gather at least three players near it.

The only problem is that in several cases, you have to use referees to guarantee they follow those additional conditions because players tend to cheat. So, such additional rules are used rarely. 

Digital flag scenario

You can use the conventional Flag made of flagpole and cloth, however, first off, having a player run with such flag is not safe, especially if the whole action is fuelled with passion in the heat of battle, and secondly, we guarantee a large number of disagreements and disputes regarding when the flag-bearer was killed and whether they were able to carry the flag at one time or another.

The solution to this problem is using our Digital Flag device. When playing with this device, a player of the enemy team needs to run up to the device and shoot at it, after which the device will send a command to the player's headband that they have become a flag-bearer. The player's headband will flash and the weapon will temporarily turn off. A player with a virtual flag then has to come to their team Digital Flag alive and shoot at it, this way delivering the enemy flag to their base.

A detailed scenario of the digital flag game, its options and advantages are described here.

Devices used in this scenario: 

Respawn Device X 2

Digital Flag X 2