Laser tag Zombie Apocalypse scenario




Zombies Apocalypse is a unique scenario, implemented only on LaserWar company’s equipment of 9th and previous generations. Unfortunately it could not be played with X-gen and Alphatag.

As a rule, the game manager selects 3-5 seasoned players and sets them into special Zombie mode using the Smart Remote Pro device.

Zombie mode uses specific parameters of hitpoints number and damage level. Usually, a number of hitpoints for Zombie Players is two times more than that of the rest of the players, and the damage of the zombie players weapons is twice as small than normal players have.

These players generally have different settings in terms of Shock and Survivability (they are set 2 times higher than for normal players).

The presets of equipment are adjusted in such a way that:

- If an ordinary player “kills” the zombie, the zombie automatically gets out of the game.
- If a zombie “kills” an ordinary player, then the player goes out of the game for 30 seconds, and then their equipment automatically is turned into the Zombie mode and the player becomes a zombie. Within these 30 seconds, the player’s equipment makes a zombie growl sound.



The Winner

The game ends when either party wins: this means that either all players are turned into zombies or “live” players “kill” all zombies.

The game is played in a limited area, so that it does not drag on for too long.

This scenario is very interesting and grants your players a great amount of adrenaline, because it feature a lot of surprise moments. For example, a person next to you with whom you just came along and hid together can be killed and turned into a zombie. And if you to notice that, they might “kill” you in just 30 seconds.

Devices needed

The game manager needs just a Smart Remote Pro to assign several players as Zombies.


Devices used in this scenario: 

Smart Remote Pro x 1