Where to get customers in lasertag business

This is the most important issue in any business, laser tag is no exception.

Who is your potential customer?

  1. Your customers are anyone who likes active sports, such as American football, baseball and basketball. 
  2. Your customers are anyone who likes military sports, military simulations or military reconstructions. Usually it is paintball or airsoft.  
  3. Your customers - anyone who plays arena laser tag.
  4. Your customers - those who want to celebrate some holiday. It can be a birthday or graduation day, or just some family celebration, office party, or some local or national holiday.
  5. Your customers are office workers, tired of the one-type of sedentary activity, or bosses wishing to organize some team retreat.

Where to advertise?

  1. The most targeted and therefore the most effective ads are usually placed in search engines. Use Google adwords and find keywords related to laser tag in your region or city, or keywords related to celebration or parties, birthdays, team retreat or any search engine queries about how to spend a birthday, etc.
  2. Very often, people are looking for something on social networks instead of search engines. Therefore, we recommend you start a group at least on Facebook and promote it by targeting paintball and airsoft groups in your area, as well as arena laser tag groups.
  3. Sometimes, at the at the beginning of the business, you can use coupon services such as Coupons.com. But you should not persist with them. Usually, these sites are used by a specific type of client who just loves a freebie.