How to earn laser tag customer loyalty

You need to work with the loyalty of two types of customers.

The first type of customers are those from the private laser tag games. These are the players who are newcomers and you need to allure them to the future events.

The first thing you need to do is to create a customer database which means that you would need their names and contact details not only of those who ordered the game, but also of those who actually played (if these two are not the same people) or their representatives (parents, close relatives, teachers or guardians) if players were children. You can create notifications and send them over text messages or email about promotions and exciting offers.

By no means, don’t you forget about taking pictures during the game. Almost everyone wants to get them after the game. Both children and adults like good professional photos, which will be their memory of a time well-spent and is likely to lead them to you again. Watermark your photos with a website address and your club phone number.

Discounts and promotions are no less an important aspect of your marketing. For example, you can provide 30% discount for all new visits within one month after the previously visited game, or you can do a discount for groups of over 20 people or more than 2-hour play. You have a lot of marketing options.

The second type of customers are your returning players. For them, and for attracting new potential customers, you should organize so-called public (aka open) laser tag games. For the loyalty of these players to grow, you can make common discounts for regular players, special discounts for team members and free costs or some ceremonial low fare for players who come to a game bringing with their own Taggers. You can read about public laser tag games here.