How to pick locations for your laser tag games

You always have the three options:

1. You can choose a natural location. This could be a field with forest allotments, or a plant that is no longer operation, or some derelict buildings and just negotiate with the owner of the property first about hourly rent, and then on a permanent rent for your games.

2. You can rent a territory and build your own location. Usually, that is the most expensive option. However, in this version, you can clearly get exactly what you need, and avoid being limited by what is available there already.

Build your own location for Laser Tag

3. You can rent a ready-made venue from similar sports such as paintball or airsoft. However, it would be better to rent airsoft locations because they are designed for longer distances than paintball locations. While a range of fire in laser tag is about 1000 feet, is rarely exceeds 200 feet in airsoft and is about meagre 60 feet in paintball. Therefore, airsoft locations are naturally more inclined to be a place for longer-range combat. Also, the advantage of airsoft locations is that they are usually designed for something more sophisticated than just unpretentious Deathmatch scenario. And if it is possible, don’t forget to  place advertising in the airsoft playground. It might turn out to be beneficial both for you and the owner of the location.