Restriction-free gaming area

No restrictions of gaming area in Laser Tag

In paintball and airsoft, game conditions are very limited. Firstly, you need a limited ground, and the audience must always be located behind the lath that obscures the view. You'll also need a safe-zone where "killed" in the game players wait for the next game to begin, where they can take off their full-face masks. Typically, this area is also limited, so players that are out of the current game usually cannot watch their comrades play. The fact that “killed” players do not see the rest of the game is a significant bad impact on these kinds of sports showmanship. The same usually happens in airsoft games.

In paintball, the game area in buildings is usually limited to the first floor, because it is considered that a player may fall from the second floor after the painful shock from getting hit, or as a result of limited view because of fogged or painted mask.

If your game is held near a place of rest of other people, you should always limit your game area with the lath. Therefore, for example, you cannot play in the woods and barbecue at the same time.

Conversely, you can play Laser Tag anytime anywhere, where the owner or the law allows you to play.